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When we first realized Kara was being abused, we were all in disbelief.  This seemingly wonderful man just didn’t seem capable of that.  A domestic violence counselor said to see if his actions matched his words.  They didn’t and they still don’t.  I know actions speak louder than words, I’ve heard it numerous times.  It was such valuable advice for both Kara and I to live by.  We wanted so badly to believe he was going to turn it around and do the right thing, he just never could/would.

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On a journey that will test the definition of friendship. Find ourselves encountering life's most twisted questions. 2 women brought together by chance but a bond that stands the tests of time, domestic violence, and through it all hope beyond hope. We hope you find yourself Moved to act, Moved to be bold, Moved to be inspired, Moved By Faith.

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