Dr. “Frank”

Franklin became the worlds best doctor.  It was bizarre, having no medical background or mental health background he was able to come up with a diagnosis on the fly at any given moment.  Dr. Frank diagnosed Kara with about 5 different conditions.  She went to several doctors begging for a diagnosis to be healed from what her husband was telling her was so wrong.  She even called a psych ward begging to be admitted.  I got the phone call late that evening it went something like this…

“Emma, he told me if I don’t get admitted to a psych ward he’ll divorce me.  So I called a few and they laughed at me.  They asked me a few questions like… are you going to hurt yourself or someone else?  Can you get out of bed?  Do you feed and care for yourself and your children?  Of course all of these I said yes to, I can’t lie to them.  I said though sometimes I get mad when he gets drunk and yells at me.  They told me it sounded like a needed to call a marriage counselor”

A short time later later she was diagnosed by Dr. Frank with postpartum.  So she went to her doctors yet again certain they could medicate or solve this problem too.  Once again they ALL said – nope, not that.

The diagnosis went from one thing to another time and again.  Frank had come and confided in me, he told me that he thought something was wrong.  I was in complete agreement, my friend was missing.  I just had no idea it was him that was stealing her soul.  I didn’t realize he was the very disease or disorder she was suffering from.

It’s equally important to note that although he was the one with the diagnosis, she was believing him every step of the way.  She too was convinced it was her own doing. “If only I could change/make/try…”  slowly but surely she was losing her voice and the more she lost, the more he took.  He found such gratification in seeing her deteriorate.  It was a spiral and she was slipping oh so so fast.

I think back on where Kara was not too long ago, although it seems like ages.  I think back on the constant of fear she lived in and the constant state of fear I lived in knowing what was happening to her.  It brings me great sadness thinking of so many other women who are blaming themselves, who are barely hanging on.  I think of all the pretty faces that believe they are the crazy ones.  I pray for you ladies.  I don’t know your name…but I pray for you!


About movedbyfaith

On a journey that will test the definition of friendship. Find ourselves encountering life's most twisted questions. 2 women brought together by chance but a bond that stands the tests of time, domestic violence, and through it all hope beyond hope. We hope you find yourself Moved to act, Moved to be bold, Moved to be inspired, Moved By Faith.

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  1. These sociopaths want you to go crazy so they can control you even more. What better way to imprison you than by having you admitted? My ex-sociopath boyfriend tried convincing me that I was an alcoholic, bi-polar sufferer and that my family was ignoring my issues. It turns out, HE was the disease. Miraculously, in less than 5 months of leaving his psychotic ass, I was back on track to discovering me again. Now he’s trying to scare me into taking my story about a sociopath off the internet claiming I am defaming him (even though no one but him knows it’s him I am writing about!) His lawyer claims in a letter that he is suffering from mental anguish and loss of reputation in his community. I say, “Well just stop telling everyone the story is about you, dumb ass!” :)

    • Paula, sounds like we have a lot in common. Sadly I don’t think we are the only ones that have this in common. Do you post his real name? How did he find what you were writing? I am sure its of no comfort but rest easy knowing he would do this to anyone that he could abuse. Isn’t it amazing that you can begin to find yourself yet again and your voice will re-emerge after he is out of your life. I know all the while he is blaming you for “making him that way” or for “bringing it out of him”. PROUD OF YOU!!! Keep in touch, I want to hear more!

      • I don’t use his name. I don’t use ANY names in the story. My characters are boy, mother, father, brother, cousin, wife… so generic. People who know me personally know exactly who my characters are based. But doesn’t every novelist, poet, and song writer do that? Write what they know? I asked my cousin who is a lawyer to look at the letter and the site. He told me yesterday to just ignore the threatening letter from his lawyer. There is no legitimate case. Plus, if he were to file a case, then EVERYONE would know who the story is based on. Writing has been such a great release for me when it comes to this relationship. And reading blogs like yours helps me to remind myself that I am not alone or crazy. Thanks for following me.

      • Well then…I would definitely say listen to your Lawyer. Not only that… its important to remember that when they can’t control in the home or through other means (email, work, kids…whatever) sociopaths, the “franks” of the world, begin to control through the legal system. The legal system is a fantastic way to drain your finances and embarrass you in court. I pray that he does not waste his resources for his day in court. Keep Writing, it is a fantastic release. Even more so it builds a community of support for those enduring it or in search of the voice that was stolen.

      • Its a sad common ground but equally glad that you found us! :) We need to find more women like you!!! Keep Writing!!

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